Every time we sit down to eat, we make decisions that either support the digestive system and the immune system or not. We can either contribute to the inflammation, or the opposite effect.

Although they all sound like gibberish to the diet, these elements a huge impact on performance outside. Imagine you want to go to an intensive one-day tour with gas pains and cramps. Or a cold / cough for a ride 10000 ft.

The power to determine the small opportunities that every day, long before you hop in the car to head for adventure.

The quality of the food points Power:

  1. Consistency – to perform consistently strong without cold or flu symptoms to the road.
  2. feel good – a clear head, is not indigestion, and muscle strength.
  3. Quick Recovery – you know that in addition from doing what you love more often.

What is the focus

  1. support the digestive system (feel good and out strong)
  2. support

  3. the immune system (70% of the immune system in the digestive system!)
  4. anti-inflammatory drugs (this helps to restore faster)


  1. Eliminate all foods may be allergic or sensitive – they may irritate the digestive system in the short term, and weakens the immune system and cause inflammation in the long run.
  2. get homemade bone broth – made broth bones contain gelatine and collagen, which helps a powerful intestinal lining and reduce inflammation in the digestive and helps muscle tissue.
  3. Eat fermented foods – fermented foods contain probiotics are good bacteria that help you digest your food better and out-compete any harmful bacteria that try to sneak in there.
  4. is the sugar – sugar suppresses the immune system system cells attack the bacteria and viruses. Get down to the desserts, soda, etc.
  5. Focus on whole grains and legumes – refined carbohydrates break down quickly and act like sugar in your body.
  6. Limit dairy products and alcohol – the same s as the point above. I know saying that they can not be entirely realistic, but I want to encourage you to limit them. As he spoke refined carbohydrate foods that act like sugar in your body is not always sweet.
  7. Eat good quality – then I heard words as before, "toxins" without any explanation. Basically, they eat a lot of pesticides may increase the toxic load in the body and contributes to inflammation (which means slow recovery and post exercise), and a weakened immune system. So try to buy as much pesticide-free products than you. Furthermore, the omega-3 content of grass-fed animal proteins or pasture raised much higher than conventional. This may be a buzz word & # 39; ve heard. Omega-3 & # 39; and inflammatory, so it is important for the same reasons as above.
  8. Be consistent – with the following directives of or two days leading up to a big journey will not produce the results you desire, and integrate these steps in your lifestyle. The habits at home speaks, in addition to the results.

Source by Julia Delves