In this article I will mention a variety of climbing calls. The advanced climbers, the article to refresh the basics in order to climb to better and safer.

climb over

the call is short and precise to avoid confusion. It calls will be loud during the climb to audibility. Below are some frequently used call


climber says that it ensures that the belayer is ready and alert.


response will answer belayer, indicating its readiness to stand, making sure all knots and gates locked tight stop, stand in line and be able to brake correctly


climber says that it should be the belayer know about to begin the climb


belayer & # 39; s response, indicating that he is ready and can start climbing climbing

* Rock climbing above calls are usually made to order on the ground before climbing after all the necessary checks on the equipment have been performed. *


belayer will be slack in the rope for climbing.


This is called the climbing, so the belayer gives some loose, usually the clipping / unclipping run or climb to the top.


Often referred to as the climber, or if this step is uncomfortable or if expecting to fall off.

who bears

climber says it is setting up the raps on top of a route so that the belayer can make the climbing subject to an anchor.


Invitation to warn other climbers when lowering or throwing a rope or descent, top roping, etc.

calls vary, but we should not forget that for so long that both climbers and belayers common understanding and agreement calls before the climb.

Well, that basically asks the climb that I can share. Feel free to post any comments to improve the article.

Source by Yong Lim Foo