The proliferation of climbing gyms, sport climbing quickly changed the scene. Now, people who dare to try anyway flocking rock climbing gyms. As a result, sport increases exponentially. People moving in the light of the difficult climbing stage 5.7 5.10+ climbing at an unprecedented speed. Gyms make climbing spectator sport, where people see and be seen. There are simple things you can do to improve your climbing skills at all levels. In this article, I will discuss tips for better climbing movement, technique, mentality and training.

The abundance of strong climbers can be daunting to the novice. It is important not to become discouraged by comparing the level of the climb for those who had to climb on. Remember that you do not put yourself down. For example, do not tell yourself that a slow climber. Instead, they say that the climbing slowly. See the difference? We have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes, and over time, it will be an amazing climber. Learning and development of the road, and you must accept that it will improve over time. Instead, try to learn from watching other climbers in the movement. Where are their feet when climbing? How to change your weight? They look relaxed or tense? There are intentional movement?

Let & # 39; s talk about the mental state of the climb. This is often ignored by people when they learn to climb. Do not try to rush through a route too fast. Remember to relax. The best climbers do not attempt to defeat his way. Instead, keep climbing, and work with. Their bodies are going to move through effort, and seems at ease. The goal is to climb as smoothly as possible, not only to complete the climb. First of all, you have to remember to breathe. The breathing relaxes and provides vital oxygen around the body. It also helps disperse lactic acid accumulates in the muscles. Many start holding their breath while climbing. It's almost all cases they are more stressed and exhausted.

Note that before the start of the climb. Select Images successfully passes through the moves. That positive attitude and tell yourself to succeed. Take a few deep breaths before you start the climb. If your wall, your mind goes blank. It is easier to get into the zone of the climb if you're thinking about fault or who is watching you. One of the wonderful aspects of the freedom of climbing, you can feel the wall. You leave behind the problems on the ground. While climbing, focus on the movement. While climbing, mainly present. Do not worry about the move to come. Instead, the focus of the next two moves. Climbers often talk of bubbles 8 feet awareness. They do not think about how high. They are conscious only of the task at hand.

If you fall off a route, do not get discouraged. Through the subject, you can learn how to climb better. Also, the muscles in his hand until it has been able to catch the best way to muscle endurance. Consider is a stepping stone to success and a better ability. Even the best climbers' high-density day ".

climbing up a level. While it's fun to experiment climbs that are difficult for you, it is best to climb mainly on the level. Know what you can climb, and focus more on the move. If you have the ability to climb outside, you have to move more desperate, and you do not have to work on technique. Do not over reach or too much energy. To make each movement deliberate. The working variable weight.

Remember to always warm up more easily climbs before even harder. Warm up your body right and it allows you to climb on stronger longer. I 5.11s climb in the gym, but I always start and 5.8S 5.9s. I once made the mistake of climbing without 5.12+ bench after taking two weeks off to climb. My arms are pumped up extremely fast, and I could not climb at all levels throughout the night.

Accept that there will be sore after climbing. People who climb often sore after a lot of hard climbing. Also, you need to take breaks climbing. Climbing hard every day increases the risk of injury. I have heard many horror stories of people climbed too difficult for many days in a row, and ultimately hurt their hands. Rehabilitation can take months, and not worth the risk. Besides, the muscles rebuild and an increase in the time to relax. When it comes to climbing, you will feel stronger and more capable.

Remember to keep your balance while climbing. It is essential to success. Notice how it feels in your hand shift your weight to your feet. Instead of using his hands to pull himself up from hold to hold, use your legs. Good climbing are available largely to his knowledge. Instead of straining himself to hold the next realize that changing your foot just add a few inches of extra height you need. Even if you do not take the right foot, you can "smear" of climbing shoes on the wall. This is achieved by pressing his foot against the wall and press and intensify. You will be surprised how well the shoes will stick to the wall.

Take a break while climbing. You will find yourself resting spots on a route you feel more secure. Get comfortable, shake his hand and the air. You can even sit in the harness, if you like. Clap your hands to increase blood flow.

Please note that use of the skeleton when climbing. Instead of leaning on the arms unnecessarily, you can sit back and extend your arms straight. The skeleton can handle the weight off without pumping his arms. This is a secret that many climbers do not know. Try it the next time you climb.

I suggest both bouldering and top rigging every time you go to the gym, even if you like a style. Bouldering to get exercise and weight variable power moves and high-rope climbing wall will give you vital endurance. It is important that all parts of the subject climbing.

Finally, if you do not feel confidant of climbing, you can teach others what I know now. Teaching, solidifying it, you understand the mental and physical aspects of climbing. It & # 39; s fun to climb with others, so find yourself a little climbing partners, and get to it. With a little persistence, you can become a better climber.

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Source by Jackson M Walker